Jovilea's Everything Is Beautiful

Lyric is our little miracle girl.  Litter sister to our GCh. Magic, she was a pretty little girl at birth like her sister, and weighed only 1/2 ounce less.  However when she was 2 weeks old, she developed aspiration pneumonia and the next 2 weeks were touch-and-go, being given only a 20% chance of surviving, losing half her body weight in the process.  Luckily she had a very stubborn momma(me) and she pulled through, gradually regaining weight and size, but never caught back up to her sister, and today is only 45 lbs and 21" tall.

Nobody told her she's little, and she not only runs laps around the other dogs, but is THE BOSS of them all.  Her name is fitting for her attitude; she loves everything and everyone, and her "grumpy pup" scowl only adds to the irony.  Although she will never be a momma or show dog, she is a very special member of our family.

Lyric, 4 weeks old and 2 lbs, battling Pneumonia.

The original "Grumpy Pup", her face belies her loving, carefree attitude!