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What time of dwelling do you live in? House
Do you rent or own? Rent
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If no, why are you interested in owning a Boxer?
Do you have any other pets?
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number of your current veterinarian:
Have you ever had to get rid of a pet before?
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Do you have a adequately fenced in yard?
If no, how will you control your Boxer outside?
How will your dog be confined when no one is at home? In a Crate
Confined to a room
Loose in house
Loose in yard
In a kennel
Tied up
On average, how long will your dog be home alone? 0-4 hours
4-8 hours
8-10 hours
over 10 hours
What activities, if any, do you plan on doing with your Boxer? Pet/Companion only
Obedience Trials
Agility Trials
Conformation Shows
Herding Trials
Tracking Trials
Other performance
Do you plan on breeding this dog?
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What sex do you prefer? Female
No preference
Will you spay or neuter this dog?
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What color do you prefer?
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Flashy Fawn
Plain Fawn
Flashy Brindle
Plain Brindle
What age do you prefer?
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Puppy(under 4 months)
Juvenile(4-12 months)
Adult(over 12 months)
Are you willing to wait for your preferred puppy? Yes
Have you considered adopting a rescue? Yes
Are you willing to purchase out of your area or state? Yes
If I do not have anything available, would you like me
 to forward your request to other breeders across the country?
Please list the name and phone number of 2 personal references:

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