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born 10/24/17

If you are viewing this page, CONGRATS on taking the first step towards adding a wonderful new family member. Here I will attempt to give you more information about these pups, what you can expect from me as the breeder, and what I will expect from you as new owner.

First, a little about myself.."Jovilea Boxers"..

     I first became involved in dog shows in the early 80's.  My first show dog was a Boston Terrier named Sunny, whom I trained and competed in obedience trials with.  When I first took him to training classes, I met a couple with Boxers who would change my life forever.  Through them I got to know and fall in love with the Boxer breed, and all that makes it unique from other breeds out there.  I was lucky to have a couple wonderful mentors in the breed who helped me get started on the road to breeding good dogs.  Through them I learned about correct conformation, health, and temperament.  I have striven to produce dogs that possessed all three qualities.  

     These puppies represent the 6th generation of my breeding.  That is 6 generations and 18 years of love, joy, heartache and tears.  I have spent countless hours researching pedigrees to find the perfect match.  I have spent thousands testing my dogs for health problems(just 'having their shots' does not make a dog genetically healthy).  That is why I offer a guarantee with my pups.  Not that I can guarantee that a health problem won't show up(although having health-cleared parents greatly reduces the chances), but that if it does, I will do what I can to make it right.

     My dogs are pets first and foremost, so live out their lives on couches, not kennels.  I smile with joy when new pups arrive, and weep with deep sorrow when I have to say "goodbye" for the last time.  When someone buys a puppy from me, they become part of my extended family.  I want to know how that puppy is doing.  I want to get updates and see pictures.  I want to be the person you go to when you have questions or training problems.  I am your breeder, and I am here for you regardless of how long ago you purchased from me.  Lifelong support comes with every puppy that leaves here.  That is why I ask that anyone inquiring about a puppy fill out a Questionnaire.  This gives me more information about you, your family, your living arrangements, etc.  I want to make sure that that right puppy and family are matched up together.  I would not place a high-energy, dominant puppy with someone who was not physically and mentally capable of handling it, nor would I place a quite, timid puppy with a family full of young, boisterous children.  By choosing the right home for each puppy, I greatly reduce the chances that the puppy will end up coming back to me, or God-forbid, end up in a shelter(which is a violation of my contract).  I want you to be happy with your choice!

     As the owner, your responsibility lies in providing that puppy a loving, caring home for the entire span of it's life.  That means taking it to the vet for routine checkups and shots, or unexpected illnesses.  Giving it a balanced diet so that it grows up and remains as healthy as it can be.  Making sure it's comfortable and free of fleas and other internal and external parasites.  Making sure it receives adequate obedience training so that it is welcome in your home, around your guests, and in public, and not destined to be separated from it's family because it's too much of a nuisance.  In other words, this puppy will be a true member of your family, not simply a possession.  

~If you are not prepared to dedicate the next 10-14 years of your life towards loving this puppy, then please do not apply.  If you have never previously owned a Boxer AND have not yet researched this breed, then please do so before applying.  Boxers are wonderful, but not for every household.  
~If you don't already have kids, and expect to start a family in the future, you must realize that this dog is also your family and won't understand why it's suddenly not the center of attention anymore.  You must be prepared to help the dog adjust to the new family dynamics. If you are already thinking that 'the dog may have to go', then please save both of you from that heartache now and don't apply.
~If you are just looking to get a puppy because the kids have been begging you for one, and you have not sat down with them and explained the responsibilities that come with having a dog, then please do so before applying. You must also be prepared to do all the work yourself if they lose interest a few months down the road.
~If you want to surprise the wife/husband/kids with a puppy on Christmas/Birthday/special occasion, I will not sell you a puppy without the entire family being involved in this decision.  I've learned that not all 'surprises' are good, and when it's dealing with a living creature, the creature is the one who suffers the consequences.  If you want this to be a surprise, then let me talk to you first, then the "surprise" can be when you come to meet the pups before a final decision is made.
~And lastly to address a delicate subject, if you think the price is too high, then you are not ready to deal with the fiscal responsibility of properly caring for this puppy for the rest of it's life.  The price I charge is a drop in the bucket of what you will spend on routine care over the lifetime of this pup. Not to mention what I have spent to bring these pups into the world and nurture them to the point where they are ready to go to new homes(nor can money compensate for the time and love I have invested).  These are not puppy-mill pups, whose parents never receive vet care, socialization or love.  These pups were not raised in cages and ripped from their mothers at 6 weeks to be trucked halfway across the country to a pet store, to be sold to whomever can come up with the cash first.  My pups are raised in my home(in the kitchen), receive scheduled worming, are fed a high quality diet, and are socialized with the adult dogs and cats(yes, cats!) They will go to the vet for their shots, fecal and heartworm tests, and health certificate all before they are released to their new families.  Not only is this the law, it's also to protect both the buyer and seller.  You want to make sure you are buying a healthy puppy, and I want to make sure the puppy is in the best physical condition so that it can deal with the stress of a new home and family.

So, if you have read this far and are still interested in submitting an application, I will gladly review it and then give you a call to discuss everything in more detail.  There are no wrong answers on this questionnaire, so please answer each one truthfully and as completely as you can.  This only gives me a starting point, and I will want to talk to you to help me determine if I have a puppy that would fit what you are looking for.

If I approve your application, I would like for you(and any family member who will be living in the same household) to come visit the puppies.  They will NOT be ready to go to their new homes UNTIL THEY ARE 8 WEEKS OLD, no exceptions!

So, are you ready to take that next step?  If so, click on THE QUESTIONNAIRE.  See you on the other side!

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