Jovilea's Unforgiven

Aengus is littermate to Bronco and Diesel, and originlly I was not planning on keeping him.  But he quickly wormed his way into the hearts of my husband and I, and so I haven't pursued finding the right home for him.
As I was expecting to place him in a pet home, I did not crop his ears.  Showing a plain, brindle AND natural-eared dog is a challenge, but Aengus LOVES to show, and his first time out in 2015 saw him taking back-to-back major reserves from the Bred-by-exhibitor class!  
Aengus has high play and food drives, and a great aptitude for performance events.  He quickly earned his Coursing title(CAT), and I would be willing to let him go to a home where he will continue his training.  So not only could he compete in conformation, he would excel in performance too!